Jetweb is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

cedar.jetweb JetWeb Application.
cedar.jetweb.batch Responsible for submission and retrieval of batch jobs.
cedar.jetweb.db Database layer between the JetWeb MySQL database and the Object Model.
cedar.jetweb.generator Classes handling generator-specific information (versions, parameters etc).
cedar.jetweb.hist Responsible for graphical representation of plots.
cedar.jetweb.html Writes HTML for the JetWeb Web pages.
cedar.jetweb.job Responsible for construction and description of MC Jobs - before and after they are run.
cedar.jetweb.model JetWeb Object Model contains representations of physical data objects such as papers, plots etc. Classes to do with the comparison between Models and measurements.
cedar.jetweb.model.paper Classes representing physics publications.
cedar.jetweb.model.plots Classes representing the measured and simulated data points, and graphics-independent representations of the distributions.
cedar.jetweb.servlet The JetWeb webserver.
cedar.jetweb.util Utilities of more or less general applicability.
cedar.jetweb.xml Responsible for XML writing and decoding: data input and output via XML.